Fun. @ Portland Roseland Theater (Review)

With a band name like Fun. it’s easy to have some fun and say Fun. was a lot of fun last night during the Fun. concert, but that is to easy and I am sure the fans of Fun. have worn those puns to death! It will probably be more fun to see what make Fun. as fun as people are claiming.

Sold out for weeks, the line to get into the Roseland Theater had wrapped around three blocks. Tricky, a street team promoter for Fun., were walking up and down the crowd of fans getting them pumped for the concert before the doors opened. Being three blocks away from the front doors it only took security 45 minutes to get the majority of fans inside. Opening act Now Now from, Blaine Minnesota, took the stage around 8pm. Lead singer and guitarist Cacie Dalager, drummer Bradley Hale, and guitarist Jess Abbott played Tegan and Sara sounding indie music. With a generous 45 minute set, Now Now were off and stage hands were getting the stage ready for Fun. Shouts came from crowd as the banners, spelling Fun., were uncovered minutes before their set.

Fun. took the stage to a pitch black stage and stormed into their opening song One Foot, the perfect song to open with for tons of drum beats for enthusiastic drum beats. Bright flashing lights came in from all around the stage. A lot more then a normal concert at the Roseland. Fun. had their own lights around the stage adding more to the atmosphere. The first three songs were full of bouncing energy and dramatic movements getting the crowd involved with the band. After the song Barlights the crowds cheering, screaming, and applauding erupted for four minutes without weakening. The band just looking back on the crowd with big smiles across their face in appreciation. “Its a good thing we will be back in a few month” said lead singer Nate Ruess after saying that this has been the best crowd they have ever preformed in front of. “Its all down hill from here this tour” he added jokingly in regard to the rest of the tour. The band continued on with Carry On, The Gambler, and also dedicated one of their songs to his sister who actually lives in Portland. Fun. hit single We Are Young got the entire crowd excited and singing back. There were more video cameras and phone being held above the crowd with hopes to have something captured that they would never forget. Leaving the stage for a quick minute after the song Stones, the crowd chanted F-U-N repeatedly till they came back for the encore. The first of the encore was Some Nights, which the band are planning to releasing the music video for on June 4th. The crowd broke out into more constant cheering toward the end of the last breakdown for two minutes with the band holding one note looking back onto the crowd in amazement at their cheering. Normally a 4 minute and 30 second song was turn into a 6-7 minutes song, easy, just from the crowds enthusiasm. Fun. ended the night with Take Your Time. You could tell the band meant something to the fans with some shedding a tear toward the last minute of the song. Truly a Fun. deserve to their band name be Fun. I cannot thing of a concert that has been more Fun. at the Roseland Theater in the past. I look forward to hopefully seeing Fun. preform again when they return on August 24th to the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall. If you missed this concert you will not want to miss the next.

Set List

One Foot
Walking The Dog
Why Am I
Pretty Girls
All Alone
Carry On
The Gambler
Be Calm
At Least
We Are Young
Some Nights
Take Your Time

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