Arch Enemy @ Spokane Knitting Factory Review

Last week saw a great line up of metal bands hit the stage at the Spokane Knitting Factory including Arch Enemy, DevilDriver, Skeletonwitch and Chthonic. Once it was time for headliners Arch Enemy to hit the stage at the end of the night, the venue was packed tight. Many of the +21 were enjoying their beverages in the seated bar and the younger metal heads were on the floor up close with the band ready to participate in the circle pit. Their set started with a large video screen showing various wartime clips, music videos, and the band. After a few moments in the dark venue with only the screen to light the stage, all the lights turned on bright and the band members emerged from the back of the stage with a loud stroke of their instruments. With heavy back lighting the band looked light silhouettes among the strobe lights. Jumping right into the first song the crowd all rose their hands up and started cheering and yelling. With multiple crowd surfers and even a security guard head banging to the songs as well as the fans, everyone had a blast during the Arch Enemy American Khaos Tour. One thing that Arch Enemy had that none of the previous acts had…was variety in their songs. Not just heavy stroking metal but slower more melodic parts that gave the audience a small change of pace on the night. A lot of a good thing is never good. Arch Enemy have found the great mix between heavy metal and slower break downs, which is why they were the star attraction on the night with 8 successful studio albums behind them to support. Be sure to catch Arch Enemy on the rest of the American Khaos Tour and check out their new album here.

Photos below are of Arch Enemy and openers DevilDriver, Skeletonwitch, and Chthonic (in that order).


Logan Westom

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