Oberhofer @ Spokane A Club (Review)

Every once in a while when you are doing something you truly enjoy you remember the reason you started doing it. That is exactly what happened at the Oberhofer concert at the Spokane A-Club on Wednesday April 4th. Listening to the unique melodies by lead singer Brad Oberhofer and watching the extremely energetic movements around stage reminded me why I love photographing and writing about music.

I have seen many different bands during the last two years. Many of which I have not enjoyed to much. But seeing Oberhofer reminded me why I loved photographing and writing about music. From now on I will only be covering music which is truly entertaining to me.

One of those shows that makes me excited to cover music was Oberhofer’s performance at the Spokane A-Club on Wednesday. I have been a huge fan ever since I saw them open up for Sleigh Bells last Summer. This time Oberhofer was the headliner and they had a bag full of new experiences including a full length album and a live performance on David Letterman in March. The most notable difference is the interesting combo of OoOoOooO’s and other sound. Their 90’s inspired music is some of the most energetic music I have heard in a while. It also has a quality that is actually DIFFERENT then every new band coming out today. The energy in their song is nothing compared to the energy on stage. The lead singer and master mind behind Oberhofer, Mr. Oberhofer himself, runs around on stage playing his guitar with his fingers alone like his shirt tail was on fire. Not literally but with the same charisma as if it was. Certainly the best concert I have been to this year, 2012. Be sure to pick up their debut album, Time Capsule II NOW!

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