CURRE$Y & TOO $HORT @ WSU Senior Ballroom

It always a good time when Washington State University’s Student Entertainment Board puts on one of their legendary concert. Weather its selling out a 5,000 student Ludicris concert, bringing the hottest new artist, Wiz Khalifa or Big Sean, every concert is a hit. Their most recent concert with TOO SHO$RT and CURREN$Y was no exception. A co-headlining rap concert that had as much hype as the previous concerts this one was not different.

Currency hit the stage 9:30 to a room full of amped up college students who do not get to attend many concerts when they attend college in the middle of no where. CURREN$Y’s went through a number of his hit songs from his mix tapes and Pilot Talk. Skilled in his ability to shoot out a lyric and connect with the audience the show eventful. Smiling when the crowd chanted out to play his hit songs, and laughing a little saying he would get to them later in the night.

Before CURREN$Y, TOO $HORT took the stage to a enthused crowd that would have rather seen TOO $HORT as the headliner. Not allowing legend and master TOO $HORT no end the night happened only as disappointing technicality that he was booked after CURREN$Y[End Rant]. Never the less TOO $HORT was performing his best with both old material many had been listening to since they were kids and new material I had never heard before. “Whatever you do, don’t hold back” he yelled to the crowd. And they held nothing back, well maybe a little for CURREN$Y.


Logan Westom

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