Jordan Lake Album Review – Consistency

Sometimes when you listen to a CD in your car’s cd player you get tired of it after a week. After listening to Jordan Lake’s new CD I wanted to listen to it for another week.

Seattle based Indie Pop artist Jordan Lake released his second LP Consistency at the end of 2011 and is riding strong into 2012 with his new music. Jordan Lake worked on the production of Consistency along side producer Brian Fennell and Brian Eichelberger from the poplar Seattle indie band Barcelona. I had the pleasure of listening to Jordan Lake’s new LP and here is what I thought.

Opening track, As Long As It Takes, sounds much like the design of the CD. Simple nice opener. It makes for a good transition onto the records best track, The Right Time. The Right Time leads the albums as the best track on the record, with an amazing piano piece that builds up to a fast past melody full of energy. The Right Time WILL get you excited for the rest of the album. The next track, My Harmony, offers a small tasty bite of country that complements the indie pop dominance in a way that my ears enjoyed. I am not sure what is was my track four, The Truth, had amazing lyrics accompanied by a violin in the chorus that just sounded awesome. Making It Clear for me would have to be the second best track on the record for its simple guitar fill that just sounded great with lyrics in the chorus. I Promise You, musically, has the most maturity of any other song on the record along with the next track, Rekindled, in both their simple and depth qualities. I feel those two tracks back up next to each other. The final track, Her Wedding Day, was an excellent way to end the record. A nice slow interlude with great lyrics. While listening to it I thought this song would fit perfectly into a Toy Story movie during an slower interlude. With the songs quality it may make it in the Toy Story 4 soundtrack. Who knows?

iTunes Store –
Rating – 4 out of 5 stars by Logan Westom/Me Review
Go Download – The Right Time
Rocks Like – The Fray, Augustana, Keane


Logan Westom

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