Hank 3 @ Spokane Knitting Factory (Review)

With a background in punk rock bands, neotraditional country punk rocker Hank 3 preformed to a floor full of people and a packed two level bar in front of hundreds at the Spokane Knitting Factory last Saturday night. Without an opener Hank 3 took on the role of warming up the crowd. Did not even feel like a real concert with no openers. Usually there are 1-3 opening bands to get all the fans worked up and super stoked for the headliner. But in this economic climate it might more makes sense to tour alone. Like a story with no intro that jumps right to the exciting climax Hank 3 was still a great act and showed no signs of weakness from zero opening bands. Having photographed several concert at the Knitting Factory recently, the front row fans during Hank 3 were more enthusiastic towards the band then all of the numerous metal bands fan’s I have reviewed recently. Both bars on the main floor and second floor were open to the public and they were working in full force before the show. Once the show began many made their way to the floor in front of the stage. Why pay money to stand 30 feet away when you can get as close as possible? Hank 3′s country rock style is an interesting type of music not found to often. Hank 3 gives the genre a nice change of pace from the normal repeated, over done country music. Mixing styles Hank 3 first learned in his early years the music preformed at the Knitting Factory had the punk lyrics of country artist. Dressed like a punk rocker with ripped jeans all pieced together and two beat up acoustic guitars this punk rock country artist entertained the wild country fans for an hour and a half. If you have not experienced Hank 3 go check out the songs It Must Have Been Those Pills I Took and Country Heros, they won’t disappoint.

Logan Westom

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