Wayne Static @ Spokane Knitting Factory (Review)

With the exciting release of Static-X frontman’s first solo release under the name Wayne Static, said person, Wayne Static headlined a concert at the Spokane Knitting Factory preforming an hour and half worth of amazing new songs and a few Static-X old songs. By the end of long list of eclectic opening acts Wayne Static and his band hit the stage. Getting right into a few fast songs the began with a few new Wayne Static songs off their upcoming record PIGHAMMER, set for release on October 4th 2011. Later in the night Wayne thanked all of the fans for coming, especially the Static-X fans who were they to support him as well. And he thanks then in the best way possible, by playing a bunch of old Static-X songs like Push It and Dirthouse to name a few. During every three to fours songs each member got shots brought up to them, throughout the night. Each time Static tossed his cup into the crowd for a lucky fan to catch. The concert continued, full of fast Evil Disco and Industrial Metal music. At the end of the concert right before the band left the stage the drummer and other member walked to the edge of the stage throwing guitar picks and drum sticks into the crowd for the fans. Wayne Static’s solo album, PIGHAMMER, hits stored on October 4th and if the show put on the other night at the Spokane Knitting Factory then this will be a CD worth picking up on release day.

Photos:Wayne Static, Eye Empire, Kyng, One Eyed Doll, Gemini Syndrome


Logan Westom

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