The Devil Wears Prada @ Warped Tour 2011

One of the most anticipated bands of the Warped Tour 2011 had to be The Devil Wears Prada. With one of the largest crowds of the long 10 hour festival Christian metal core band The Devil Wears Prada brought all they had given to every crowd of the 40+ days on tour for the last day of Warped Tour. With their new record out Dead Throne it made it all the more worth it. Thirteen new exciting songs that the band could barley contain their energy to on stage. From the uncontrolled jumping of guitarist Chris Rubey to the nearly jumping over his keyboard  by James Baney, the Devil Wears Prada just went nuts for 45 minutes on the last day of the tour. Even guitarist Jeremy DePoyster had brought something to the table to show his excitement for Portland and the last day by wearing a Portland Timbers soccer jersey. How he got the jersey or why he was wearing it is still a mystery to me but dang that was cool to see. Made more of a connection with the band and fans or sure. Showing some support of the town. Great show and great band. Be sure to check out their highly anticipated album Death Throne now!


Logan Westom

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