Macklemore and Ryan Lewis at WSU

Back in August Seattle hip-hop artist Macklemore and producer Ryan Lewis played their biggest and according to Macklemore their best show every at WSU’s Cougfest in front of more then 4,000 people. With that type of love and support for an artist it only made sense to have the first stop of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s 30+ city nation wide tour to start back in Pullman. And on February 22, 2010 that is exactly what happened.

Opening the show was local group Genevieve, who have gained a huge support and following at WSU over the last year. It made sense that they would open and warm up the crowd. Getting them pumped and excited for Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Following Genevieve’s set Seattle hip-hop artist Ra Scion from Common Market preformed some of his original music before it was time for Macklemore to take the stage.

Once Macklemore took the stage and Ryan Lewis began the music WSU went crazy. With no barricade or anything else seperating the crowd from him and the crowd it made for a very intimate setting that let the crowd connect with Macklemore. The crowd feeding off Macklemore and Macklemore feeding off the enormous amount of energy coming off the crowd it was the best way to start off a nation wide tour. Playing hit songs like Irish Celebration, My oh My, And We Dances, The Other Side, The Town, Wings, and a brand new songs that had never been played before live. One of the coolest parts about the concert was the fact that their was a projector behind the stage playing the music videos from the corresponding songs made for an awesome environment.

Even though WSU’s Senior Ballroom could not fit 4,000 people like Cougfest the show still had the same energy, passion, great music, and love that it had. WSU sure made the first stop of the tour one to never forget. Check out some of the photos below and you won’t soon forget.


Logan Westom

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