Mat Kearney & Howie Day Concert @ WSU

A few weeks ago WSU’s Student Entrainment Board hosted acoustical artist Mat Kearney and Howie Day. Both great artists with two unique ways of playing the same instrument.Before all of the main acts played WSU’s own Siege of Cranes took the stage and opened for the crowd.

Second came Howie Day, armed with two pedal boards loaded with different affects was able to create an entire band on stage with just his one guitar. By looping guitar parts and vocals to hitting his guitar like a drum to create percussion affects he only really need himself to create theĀ of a full band. It was very entertaining to watch as he switched from pedal affect to pedal affect.

Next the headliner Mat Kearney took the stage along with his back up guitarist and brought what the audience had been waiting for all night. A large range of songs from fast and catchy to slow and soft, he brought it all and did not disappoint.

After the concerts everyone that worked and volunteered for the SEB had a private meet and greet with the artist to finish off the night.

I took two videos of both artist during the concert that I will post on here tomorrow so come back for those. For now check out the photos of the concert. Enjoy!


Logan Westom

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